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5 Ways Women Can Improve Bone Health

5 Ways Women Can Improve Bone Health

Women are more prone to bone accidents and bone diseases such as Osteoporosis than men, is a common fact that we often hear. Well, this holds true because women have smaller and thinner bones when compared to men. Women bone structure tends to weaken and lose its density with age.

To reduce chances of bone problems, bone diseases and bone accidents, it is important for women to make healthy measures that can improve their bone health. In this blog post, Dr Jaimeen P. Jesalpura of Vaishvi Hospital - one of the best orthopedic hospital in Vadodaraexplains 5 ways how women can improve their bone health. These are every day practices that women can start following at an early age as an effort to maintain good bone structure later in life.

Maintain Body Weight

Women must maintain their body weight particularly after their 30s. Both underweight and overweight increases chances of bone fracture and disease in women. Achieving and maintaining ideal body weight is only possible when a woman has a nutrition rich diet along with regular exercise without devoid of all kinds of unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking or eating junk food.

Nutrient Rich Diet

Women must follow a nutrient rich diet for improving their bones and maintaining it. Must include nutrition for women bone health are protein, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. Dairy products, fruits, pulses, vegetables and grains help women to get these nutrients and keep up their bone health. According to Dr Jaimeen P. Jesalpura, the one of the best knee replacement surgeon in Vadodara, it is best to get a nutrition plan mapped by a professional nutritionist for women who want to improve and maintain their bone health. This would ensure a healthy diet plan that is certain to be beneficial for women bones.

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Bone Density Scan for Women

Often, bone disease in women is detected at an extremely later stage. This becomes very painful for women and the treatment procedure also becomes very extensive. Bone Density Scan helps to understand the present condition of the bones and often detects bone diseases at a very elementary stage. Dr Jaimeen P. Jesalpura highly recommends Bone Density Scan once in a year for 60+ women.

Bone Density Scan for women is available at Vaishvi Hospital - one of the best knee replacement hospitals in Gujarat is headed by Dr Jaimeen P. Jesalpura.

Practice Bone Exercise

Exercising daily has its own perks. However, if you want to exercise for strong bones, then there are certain specific types of exercise that you should practice. Exercise that help women to improve their bone structure are Strength Training and Weight-Bearing Exercises. In simple words, Strength Training and Weight-Bearing Exercises for bone health of women include brisk walking, exercising with light dumbbells, dancing, aerobics or playing tennis.

Take Medical Help

Often due to the fear of treatment, medication or surgery, women try to combat their bone problems with natural remedies. Natural remedies might not always work and can even worsen bone problems. Hence, the moment a woman feels any kind of bone pain, problem or discomfort, she must seek medical help. Bone problems if taken care of by experts like Dr Jainmen Jaisalpara from an early stage can be treated comfortably and in minimal time.

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