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Arthritis – Causes, Types and Treatment

Arthritis – Causes, Types and Treatment

One of a kind inflammation of bone joints is Arthritis. Arthritis is rising among Indian men, women and children recently. To help, Vaishvi Hospital - one of the best orthopaedic hospitals in Vadodara offers a wide range of advanced Joint Arthritis Management treatment.

Vaishvi Hospital headed by Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura and team offering the best management of Arthritis treatment, in this blog compiles an overview about Arthritis – Causes, Types and Treatment.

There are 100+ types of Arthritis that can happen in the human body. In fact, this joint disease can affect multiple joints at the same time. The most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

According to Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura, symptoms of Arthritis usually start with joint pain, joint stiffness, locking of joints, discomfort or redness around the joint. Continuous ignorance of symptoms of Arthritis can damage bones permanently. At a mild or moderate stage, patients must seek medical attention for Arthritis treatment.

In Vadodara, patients can connect with Vaishvi Hospital - one of the top orthopaedic hospitals for all kinds of guidance about Arthritis treatment.

Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura explains the common causes of Arthritis as metabolism problems, genetic disease, immune system disorder and infection.

Efforts by leading surgeons and hospitals are now introducing many new ways of treating and taking care of Arthritis. Arthritis can be treated with medicines, therapies like physical or non-pharmacologic, joint assistive aids, weight loss, patient self-management education and joint replacement. The treatment of Arthritis varies case wise. For some, ice packs or hot compress help a lot. Many times Arthritis patients find assistance devices, like canes and walkers to provide relief to a great extent.

Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura and his team at Vaishvi Hospital, Vadodara specializes in all kinds of latest Arthritis treatment and is a leading choice for Arthroscopy, Corrective Osteotomy, P.R.P., Injection Therapy, Hydrochloric Acid Injection etc.

Lifestyle changes also help patients to get relief from Arthritis pain and problems such free hand exercise and a healthy diet. Some orthopaedic surgeons recommend swimming for Arthritis pain relief. However, patients should only opt for lifestyle changes that they can do comfortably without any problem, according to Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura, Vaishvi Hospital.

At the initial stage patients might consult a general physician for Arthritis treatment. However, once confirmed that the problem is of Arthritis only, it is very important to discuss and seek advice from best orthopaedic surgeons only.

Vaishvi Hospital has been helping Arthritis patients from different parts of the country to get relief of their problem with the latest and best Arthritis treatment such as Arthroscopy, Corrective Osteotomy, P.R.P., Injection Therapy, Hydrochloric Acid Injection etc.

For further information about Arthritis treatment, feel free to connect with Vaishvi Hospital now.