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What is the Subvastus Approach to Total Knee Replacement?

What is the Subvastus Approach to Total Knee Replacement?


In orthopedic surgery, there has been a significant emphasis on minimally invasive and muscle sparing techniques. The subvastus approach to the knee joint has been described as a viable alternative to standard techniques that include a major arthrotomy and partial quadriceps mechanism division. The subvastus technique is most commonly used in total knee arthroplasty. While concerns about intraoperative visualisation and adequate component location have been highlighted, positive findings have recently been reported, indicating enhanced early recovery with comparable complication rates.


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Knee replacement is a highly successful procedure with a high long-term success rate. Implant design has successfully addressed issues like as loosening and wear, and the focus now is on promoting speedy recovery to a high degree of function. Pain management, rapid range of motion, contemporary implants, and soft tissue care are just a few of the components that go into a quick recovery. The quadriceps tendon, which supplies knee extension power, has traditionally been separated in a medial parapatellar method. The powerful medial quad muscle is separated from the rest of the muscle belly using this method. While this division heals after surgery, it causes a considerable delay in quad function and the possibility of additional muscle atrophy that is difficult to recover from.


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The midvastus technique, which splits the vastus medialis (medial quad muscle) among the muscle fibres while keeping the tendon intact, was created to lessen extensor mechanism violation. While this technique has the advantage of avoiding causing damage to the vital tendon structure, it may cause some muscle injury that must be treated and healed. This can also cause a delay in quad function recovery as well as prolonged extensor weakness.


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Both the quadriceps tendon and muscle are totally spared with the subvastus method. The quadriceps capsule is split, allowing the complete displacement of the extensor mechanism as well as exposes the knee joint for the replacement operations. The complete mechanism is brought back into anatomic alignment at the end of the case. The capsule is then closed, leaving the muscle in perfect condition. This results in a near-immediate recovery of quadriceps function, allowing for faster rehabilitation and maybe less labour to regain strength and function following surgery.