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Women's Sports Injuries - Prevention and Treatment

Women's Sports Injuries - Prevention and Treatment

It feels proud that the statistics of women athletes is rising at a peak rate worldwide. One of its aspects that are often overlooked is the reciprocal increase in rate of Women’s Sports Injuries.

Vaishvi Hospital - an orthopedic hospital in Vadodara witnesses this increasing number of women sports injury cases on a daily basis. Based on the experience, Vaishvi Hospital summarizes this blog post about Women’s Sports Injuries - Prevention and Treatment. Common sports injuries that every athlete is usually familiar with are ligament tear leading to sprain, strains, bone fracture, bone injury, dislocation and muscle pull. These sports injuries can happen to both men and women. However, in case of women athletes the list of common injuries has two more names patellofemoral pain syndrome and anterior cruciate ligament injury. These common sports injuries in women can be cured with systematic treatment and best precautions.

There are also cases when a woman does not experience any sports injury during the course of a game and tends to realize it later in the form of swelling, pain, deformities, joint weakness or joint instability.

For all kinds of sports injury in women, it is recommended to follow the RICE trick for initial first aid. The RICE trick implies rest, ice, compression and elevation. For women, who do not follow the RICE trick or take good first aid, face massive health problem from sports injury at later stage.

Coming to medical care of sports injuries of women, here is a guideline recommended by Dr.Jaimeen P. Jesalpura – one of the best arthroscopy surgeons in Vadodara. Dr. Jaimeen P.

Jesalpura lists the stages of medical care of sports injuries of women as physical examination by doctor followed by medical history review of patient, imaging tests like Xray, CT scan, medicine and surgery, if required. Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura has records of curing thousands of women athletes at Vaishvi Hospital – one of the well-known arthroscopy hospitals in Vadodara.

Women must take extra precaution in order to keep themselves safe from any kind of sports injuries. Safety precautions for women athletes as listed by Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura of Vaishvi Hospital are as follows:

a) Discontinue participating in sports activity in case of any discomfort.

b) Always carry your safety kit during sports events.

c) Do not rely on natural remedies for sports injury treatment. Take best medical advice as

   early as possible.

d) Be careful about your own health and body during the course of any game.

e) Maintain body weight with regular exercise and nutrient rich diet to lessen chances of

   bone injury during sports activities.

Following these guidelines penned by Dr. Jaimeen P. Jesalpura – one of the best sports medicine doctors in Vadodara available at Vaishvi Hospital - known to offer advance sports injuries treatment in Gujarat helps women athletes to be extra safe from sports injuries.