Hip & Knee Replacement

Hip & Knee Replacement

Hip and Knee replacement surgery

Total Hip Replacement (THR) & Total Knee Replacement (TKR) are wonders of modern surgery for patients affected by arthritis of the hip and knee. These surgeries have been performed for over 40 years now and the technique has been almost perfected. Worldwide there are thousands of patients who have benefited from these operations & life has been transformed
Indications & Eligibility - Patients with painful hips and knees resulting from arthritis - usually degenerative or inflammatory, will face a remarkable change and freedom from pain without having to rely on painkillers. Generally a patient should be above middle age and medically fit to sustain anesthesia.
Procedure & Recovery -The actual operation takes an hour & a half in my hands to perform. Recovery is usually prompt and the patient is allowed to mobilise on the very second day. Patients are discharged home anytime between the 7th and 10th day after surgery. With progressive mobilisation the patient is asked to give up crutch support by six weeks and the individual is walking comfortably by 6-12 weeks. Patients who are employed can resume work by 4-6 weeks if they have a sitting job. A more strenuous job may require the patient to stay off work for perhaps another few weeks.